On May 19th, India enters the final phase of voting for 17th Lok Sabha elections. As Suno India, we collaborated with different partners to bring out three special shows covering various facets of Indian elections.

  1. Every Vote Matters in collaboration with Factly
  2. Election Nama in collaboration with The Wire Urdu
  3. Thearuthal in collaboration with Curry Podcasts

“Every Vote Matters” is an attempt at going behind the scenes and to simplify the electoral process of our nation. The show also brought to the audience answers on various questions linked to the electoral process and their duties and rights as a voter. The episodes featured interviews with Delhi Chief Election Officer; experts who breaks down what NOTA means and how election funding works; researchers who tells why women, who hold up half the sky, are not being given equal seat at the table; those who are fighting hard for NRIs to be allowed to vote and allowed to remain active participants in shaping their nation’s future.

The first episode of “Every Vote Matters” begins with a speech of Jawaharlal Nehru directly strengthening the connection among the history and our present democratic duty. It tells the audience why your vote matters. And, the other episodes of this podcast series bring exclusive interviews with Delhi CEO, Yogendra Yadav, President of Swaraj India, Major General Anil Verma of the Association of Democratic Reforms and Ravi Kiran, Additional Commissioner in Customs and GST department, Government of India.

Our podcast series “Every Vote Matters” was also featured in the Sunday Magazine, The Hindu and Scroll.in.

Apart from Every Voter Matters, Suno India released two more election series “Election Nama” in Hindustani -a blend of Hindi and Urdu; and “Thearuthal” a Tamil podcast series.

Election Nama is Suno India and The Wire Urdu’s special podcast series on General Elections 2019 in Hindustani. The series touches upon the issues that have impacted Indians over the last 5 years, what are the demands of people in this election and what they can do after the election in order to strengthen Indian democracy. The first episode entails intriguing stories and facts related to the first General Elections of India and the rest covers various crucial discussions like Why North East is important? Why every vote matters? And if every vote is that important then how about making it compulsory?

“Thearuthal” in collaboration with Naveen Haldorai of Curry Podcast brought exclusive conversations with experts on General Elections and Assembly by-election 2019 in Tamil Nadu. The series brought exclusive conversations with MNM’s Pollachi Lok Sabha candidate Ms. Mookambika Rantham and Swaraj India’s President Yogendra Yadav. Some important discussions about the alarming water crisis across Tamil Nadu and the impact of climate change too were discussed.

Amidst the election season, Suno India’s “The Suno India Show” which looks at news linked to the current affairs featured some special episodes on manifestos released by Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress and CPI. Special episodes were also brought to audiences on Safai Karamchari Andolan’s manifesto; mental health groups manifesto demanding for better access to mental health care; farmers manifesto among others.

In the podcast series Every Vote Matters, we asked all our guests why do you think your vote matters or my vote matters? And here is what some of them have said.

“Everybody’s vote matters because this democracy that we have worked too hard to build and sustain will not survive, or will get hijacked by forces that are inimical to the idea of cohesive prosperous India. If we let it get hijacked by the corrupt, communal, the divisive et cetera. So as a conscientious citizen of India, it’s up to you to go out there. It’s imperative for you to go out there, cast your vote, affirm your faith in the democratic system, and to vote for those parties or candidates who you think can bring about change. By voting, you also have the right to demand accountability, okay? And so, I would urge each and everyone, don’t think that your single vote doesn’t matter.”

-Rajiv Gowda, Member of Parliament

“I say very often that politics is our Yogadharma, politics is the most happening thing in our society in our age that is why all the scoundrels, all the thugs all the cheats do come to politics but for that very reason all the saints all the intellectuals, all the scholars and social reformers must also come to politics so it is important to vote but it is important not just to vote but actually be an active citizen and actively intervene in the months that would lead up to the poll so that we are not just a voter we are a citizen an active and engaged citizen.”

-Yogendra Yadav, President of Swaraj India

In a first of its kind collaboration between a podcast platform and a community radio station, we partnered with Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz to broadcast our series ‘Every Vote Matters’.

To catch up on our podcasts do check out www.sunoindia.in or find our podcasts on any podcasting app of your choice on Apple and Android phones.

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