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Today we launched our new logo. While, we loved our old logo- a simple no-fuss logo, we decided it was time to evolve our logo in a way that it defines what we truly do. It was fun to design a simple logo and get identified but then we decided to evolve and get a new logo which defines what we do.

Our first logo was Smiley face a simple podcast mic with a circle around it reflecting our 360 degrees take on all issues. We chose bright colors as the theme. While it did look quite nice on the website, we realised it didn’t ‘print’ well which was a bummer.

So we asked Priyanka Kumar, a friend and an amazing illustrator, who has been part of the ‘Suno India’ journey since the beginning and understands our vision, to design a new logo for us. She came up with this simple but powerful logo with brilliant strokes, making it unique but relatable.

This new logo Smiley face not only looks fabulous but conveys what we want to say. Suno India believes that the news cycle has been on ‘fast-forward’ for quite a while now. This means that the speed at which information is being thrown at us is faster than the speed at which we can truly process it. Coupled with social media, news today only makes us react more and think less. At Suno India, we have embraced the mantra of ‘Slow and Steady’ in the way we present our content. STOP the noise, PAUSE your thoughts and hit PLAY on Suno India. This is our attempt at ‘unbreaking news’.

The logo is new but we remain the same- a team with the passion and commitment to deliver high-quality audio stories on issues that matter. Do keep listening to our podcasts and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates! You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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