By Padma Priya

Dear listeners! Thanks for listening to Dear Pari. We have so far released five episodes of our podcast series Dear Pari, with a couple more episodes to go. As parents who adopted, this journey of being parents to hosts of a show on adoption has been an exciting one. It hasn’t been an easy one but definitely one filled with a lot of learning.

When we decided to start our own podcast platform along with a dear friend and digital expert Tarun Nirwan, we thought it best to launch the platform with our own story of adoption. As avid listeners of radio & podcasts, we always believed that audio as a platform has more scope for bringing forth personal stories because when one listens to a voice they aren’t distracted by other things- like what said person looks like, is wearing among other factors.

As a medium, audio and oral storytelling is one which has been part of our communities since eons.
And for a topic like adoption, which is still considered sensitive and taboo,  audio is a great medium for those who want to lend a voice but not a face!

At a time when attention spans are drastically reducing, podcasts, we feel help us by retaining information as we concentrate more. The key we learnt  in producing a good podcast is to keep it interesting and informative. So, while we personalise the episodes we also bring in factual information in every episode. We have dedicated hours of research to bring to you this podcast series. The production of this podcast has been journalistic in that sense where we have reached out to experts and people with varied viewpoints to get them on this platform.

If you haven’t already had time to listen to the episodes here’s why you should listen to it. Well for starters, if you are planning to adopt or know someone who has adopted or actually if you just want to be an informed person who doesn’t spout insensitive things about adoption- then this is the podcast for you. We give you insights into families and lives of adoptive families and also bring to you voices of adoptees, government officials, and psychologists. We also talk about the stigma of adoption. In later episodes, you will also hear voices of anti-trafficking experts who call out the adoption system for what it is- incomplete and full of loopholes leading to child trafficking under the garb of ‘adoption’.

Do tune in, listen and please give us your feedback. You can find the Dear Pari podcast on all podcasting apps such as Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher etc. You can also log into our website and listen to them!

PS: Special thanks to Abhay Adhikari, Advisor, Suno India for his amazing insights on how to build a community around this podcast and also for inputs on the podcast!

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